Queer Science

About us:

We are a collective of LGBTQ+ scientists across multiple disciplines at The Georgia Institute of Technology and neighboring institutions. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for aspiring, high school aged, future scientists to come to a FREE event where they can meet LGBTQ+ scientists, try hands-on and interactive demonstrations, and find their passion for in STEM related fields!

What We Do

Queer Science organizes free, multidisciplinary STEM outreach events for high school students. Our volunteers develop immersive, hands-on educational STEM workshops as well as interact with and work alongside youth to:

  • Share our love for science,
  • Build intergenerational community, and 
  • Provide visible functional adult role models.

After all, it’s hard to be what you can’t see! We are actively engaged with our local LGBTQ+ community through our partnerships.

Queer Science originally started with Dr. Julie Johnston and an incredible team at the University of Minnesota. This program expanded to the University of Connecticut thanks to her colleagues Dr. Anna Marie LaChance, Dr. Stephany Santos, and the Vergnano Institute for Inclusion. Dr. Johnston came to Atlanta in late 2022 and has been excited to start a new chapter of Queer Science with the help of volunqueers, C-PIES, and the LGBTQIA Resource Center.

Queer Science Chapters

University of Minnesota

University of Connecticut

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